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The air ducts are an important part of the HVAC system. They are the passageways that move air throughout the home or building. These ducts are responsible for removing air from the rooms and then redistributing the cool or warm air back through the area. For the most part your air ducts are not seen, but they shouldn’t be out of sight and out of mind. Air ducts can become damaged over time or break down just like other parts of your HVAC system. Pacific NW Pest Control offers air duct repair from any damage from pests or erosion.

What are Signs Your Air Ducts Need Service?

Noticing anything unusual about your indoor air quality or temperature? One of the problems may lie in your air ducts. Here are common trouble signs to watch out for:

Mildew: The air that travels throughout these ducts generates moisture. The moisture gets trapped inside the ductwork and can generate mildew. This can be a problem during the summer, when humidity levels are higher. If your air ducts are made of plastic, it may retain the mildew despite cleaning, and you will need to replace your unit.

Rodent damage: Rodents can disconnect ducts or chew holes through them and create an unhealthy breathing environment, circulating  contaminated air through your home.

Cracks: Because air ducts create and send air back and forth from the home to the system, any cracks or tears in the ducts will create a loss in efficiency. It is important to repair the damage, or install a new duct system to prevent energy loss.

Varying indoor temperatures: If there is one area in your home that is warm and another that is freezing, your air ducts could be creating the problem. Ducts can unhook or develop holes and tears. If the temperature throughout your home is inconsistent, it may point to damage in your air ducts.

Excess humidity: A faulty duct system can allow an excessive amount of dampness and humidity into the space. Typically, this is found alongside mildew. It is important to not only look for mildew but also to watch out for any issues with dampness or humidity. It could be a sign that the duct system is not working properly.

Debris in the system: The duct system is responsible for moving a great bit of air. The filter is responsible for filtering the air and capturing particles or debris. One sign of a problem is dirt around or on the registers. This can indicate a breach in the duct system.

When You Should Have Your Ducts Checked?

If you are experiencing loss of heat or your HVAC system seems to be working harder than it should, we recommend having your ducts looked at.  It could be something as simple as reconnecting a line that has fallen apart, saving you money on your next heating bill.  Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection and evaluation of your crawl space!

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